Hiring real estate consultant

The legal working group of Shezooma Investment invites colleagues and qualified specialists to cooperate.

If you are a professional in real estate representation and sale and you enjoy working in the field of sale and representation of properties in Northern Cyprus, please read this text to the end.

Real Estate Sales Consultant in Northern Cyprus at Shezooma Investment Company

In order to be successful and have a high income, you need to have four important moral qualities:

 First of all, you must be motivated.

After that, stay active.

And as a third moral characteristic, you must be purposeful and have confidence in your goals.

The fourth characteristic, which is the most important, is to be a good student.

Also, in order to be able to easily attract your customers, you need sales skills:

Have a strong expression on your face and feel free to speak.

Know the personality.

Be a confident person.

And most importantly, be professional in negotiating and selling real estate.

Don’t worry if you don’t have some of the above skills. Shezooma is by your side and will not leave you on this path with his weekly workouts.

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