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In this article, we will talk about one of the most important construction projects in North Cyprus called Caesar Resort. Before we discuss this issue, we should point out one thing at the beginning of the article, which is, unfortunately, the main problem of many people who want to invest in Northern Cyprus is that they are not aware of the laws of this country and, as a result, they got into the water. It is at this time that they will suffer a very heavy loss. It is interesting to know that among the clients who come to us, many have this bitter experience.

For you to make a safe purchase and experience the best investment in North Cyprus, we have decided to tell you about real estate investment projects in North Cyprus through videos and various materials. In this article, accompany us to introduce you to the Caesar Resort project in the Long Beach area of ​​Northern Cyprus.

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Acquaintance with Northern Cyprus

کشور قبرس شمالی

Of course, when we want to invest abroad, the first step is to choose the best geographical location. The reason why we decided to introduce you to the construction projects in Cyprus is that Fabre is an island country next to the Mediterranean Sea which ensures the best weather conditions for your dear ones and on the other hand you can live a peaceful life in nice environment Experience the weather and very beautiful.

According to global surveys and statistics, Cyprus is among the top five safest countries in the world, and its docks are recognized as the first investment opportunity in the world. Therefore, we must use this opportunity to our advantage.

Of course, we all want to choose a country to invest in real estate, which will provide us with excellent living conditions and, if we ever decide to sell our property, we will make a big profit. It is enough to search for information about Cyprus on the Internet so that you are provided with images of different parts of this island country and you understand how many objects there are in Cyprus. Now, if you have decided to buy a property in this country, let me introduce you to the Caesar Resort project.

It should be noted that the old name of Cyprus was Paradise, which in English means paradise. Located to the east of Cyprus on the Mediterranean coast, the wonderful climate, green and peaceful area with very high security has led the inhabitants of this area to call Cyprus a paradise.

What facilities are there in the Caesar Resort project?

پروژه سزار ریزورت قبرس شمالی

A very important topic that we need to talk about is the issue of services and facilities associated with any construction project. All owners of capital need to invest their savings in the construction or purchase of the real estate, which will bring them big profits. Of all the construction projects in Cyprus, the Caesar Resort project has the most amenities.

Resort means the services of a five-star hotel, and interestingly, 90% of these services are free for those who participated in the Caesar Resort project and bought at least one unit. The most important facilities of the Caesar resort are:
– Installation of 8 pools for the project, one of which is intended for persons over 16 years old and is presented as a professional pool.
– sauna
– Jacuzzi
– Kindergartens and playgrounds for children
– GYM’s
– Platts
– yoga
– Sports field, volleyball, basketball, and tennis
– dance floor
– Massage parlor
– Playgrounds and sports grounds for teenagers
– Luca International Restaurant offers a wide range of international cuisine with high quality and reasonable prices.

Buying a house in the Caesar Resort project

پروژه سزار

For this construction project, one-room and two-room apartments were designed, and it should be noted that the first, second, and third phases are fully sold. If you want to buy a unit from this project, you can apply for stage 4 and beyond. We recommend that you contact Shezooma experts as soon as possible to check your conditions and present the best units for you. To get a free consultation on the purchase of Caesar project objects in cash and installments, fill out the form below and wait for our specialists to contact you.

How is the security of the Caesar Resort project ensured?

The security of the Caesar project can be viewed from two perspectives: investment security and life security. About investment security, it is interesting to know that Shezooma Group guarantees the security of your investment in Cyprus and is ready to provide you with an official letter of commitment in this regard. Northern Cyprus is a safe and free country, and on the streets of this country, you can see that Women and children can safely walk even in the middle of the night. In the Caesar project, thanks to the availability of security equipment and specialized forces, you can safely send your children to play and have fun outdoors)

Almost all clients who approach our colleagues to buy or participate in the construction of the Caesar Resort project ask about the safety of this project because almost all people decide to buy the project for themselves and travel with their families. in this cozy and very beautiful environment.

It is also very important that the area has a high level of security. You need to know that all security measures from the entrance to the object to the internal buildings are observed and even its open areas are controlled by expert forces.

When you bring your children to the playgrounds or swimming pools, experts with extensive experience in this field will take care of your children so that they do not have any problems. Thus, you can safely and without worrying about your children, let them play and have fun with their friends on the territory.

Why buy property in Cyprus right now?

caesar project cyprus

Clients would be wise to ask us about the benefits of buying property in Cyprus. We should not only pay attention to the possibilities of a construction project, but we should look more broadly and think about whether investing in a foreign country is profitable and will bring us a good future or not.

As you can see, the Caesar Resort project has the best and most equipped facilities among the construction projects in Cyprus, and we can say with confidence that it will be a promising and highly profitable investment for you. But, of course, you may want to live in Cyprus for a while. Therefore, the conditions of life in Cyprus should be taken into account.

It is at this time that the advantages of buying property in this country become very important, but in short and so that you are more confident in your decision, we will talk with you about the advantages of investing in Cyprus:

– Look at property prices in Cyprus to understand that even people without huge savings can make the best investment in this country. Property prices in Cyprus are excellent and reasonable. Thus, you can buy a property at a reasonable price in a Mediterranean area known as paradise, with excellent climatic conditions. Undoubtedly, traveling through such an area will bring a lot of peace of mind, especially since you can spend many hours walking along the pristine and peaceful beach and enjoying the trip.

– Let’s also talk about the growth of the property market in Cyprus. According to studies, the real estate market in Cyprus is growing very well every year, with prices rising between 5 and 12 percent each year. Therefore, if you invest in the Caesar Resort project and plan to sell this property next year, you will receive a very impressive return.

– On the other hand, buying a property in Northern Cyprus is not very difficult, especially if you want to invest in construction projects under the supervision of the Shezooma team, you can start your participation in projects on the most simple terms and easily and on completely legal terms. As already mentioned, if you are thinking about buying or participating in the Caesar Resort project, you can contact our colleagues to do all the work for you.

– The security of the island of Cyprus is very high. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Cyprus is known as one of the top five countries in the world. Even if you walk along the coast of Cyprus in the middle of the night, you will be sure that no danger threatens you.

– The low cost of living in Cyprus and the availability of better facilities and education are among the other benefits of investing in Cyprus, which will encourage you to take part in the construction of the Caesar Resort project or buy an apartment in this project.

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