Customer Satisfaction

Our goal in Shezooma Group is to bring our dear investors to their true position.

We do not have one more chance to live. At Shezooma Investment Group, we do our best to provide a luxurious and happy lifestyle to all investors.

Opinions of property buyers in North Cyprus

Mr. Mansouri
(A Construction Manufacturer in Iran, Toronto and Qatar)

Cyprus is very calm, with a unique weather and reasonable prices. It is much better than what I thought. It is an ideal place for investment and construction

Opinions of property buyers in North Cyprus

(Buyer of a Duplex Villa in North Cyprus)

Northern Cyprus has a unique and excellent climate. I was completely satisfied with the services of the Shezooma collection.

Mr. Osmani and Mrs. Ghasemi,
(Buyers of Two Apartment Units)

Thank God that we were able to choose the best units with the help of Shezooma. If you are planning to buy a property in North Cyprus, be sure to choose Shezooma.

Dr. Fakhrabadi
(an Investment in North Cyprus)

One of our biggest goals in 2022 was buying a property abroad and emigrating, It was achieved with the help of the Shezooma Investment Working Group.

Mrs. Saadatmandi and Her Daughters
(pre-purchased Two Apartment Units)

Do not hesitate to buy a property in North Cyprus. Be sure to participate in Shezooma’s Cyprus tour and make your investment with confidence.

Mr. Eshraghinia
(an Investment in North Cyprus)

I liked to see Cyprus closely and then invest. I feel like a winner with my purchase.

Dr. BaniTay
(Participant of the Cyprus Investment Tour)

I hope that with the help of Mr. Shaygan and the Shezooma collection, we can reach higher levels of investment and the things we like.

Rafati family
(buying a residential unit in North Cyprus)

Many people think that they should buy a property in countries like Turkey, but Cyprus is better in several ways. I suggest to all my friends to buy their properties in Cyprus with the help of Shezooma Group.