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North Cyprus, Top Eastern Mediterranean Tourist & Tech Destination

Forbes magazine, one of the most reliable American magazines in the field of finance and investment, has recently published an article entitled “The top 5 destinations in the world for buying beach property” in which the country of *Northern Cyprus* is at the top of this list.

Why Northern Cyprus is the Best Destination by Forbes Magazine:

  • High social security
  • Hospitality and warm-blooded people
  • Having the most advanced tourism infrastructure
  • Reasonable and affordable costs of living
  • Having attractive and long sandy beaches
  • High variety and good taste of the local foods
  • A great place to invest and experience security and peace with beautiful and pristine nature
  • The projects are located in the tourist areas of Northern Cyprus in a very beautiful area

تور قبرس شمالی

Cypriots have a goddess called “Aphrodite” who invites all people to be happy, even when they have only a glass of water. The inspiration of this goddess of love may be the reason for the long life of the Cypriots.

All people are interested in a profitable investment in a good foreign country, but the fear of unknown investment conditions in foreign countries has made many people choose Shezooma Investment Group as their reference.

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Shezooma’s Special Offer

Buy dream villas in the jewel of the Mediterranean countries and apartment resorts with 5-star hotel services.

مسافرت به قبرس شمالی

Buying a property in North Cyprus is a wise decision; Because unlike Turkey and many other countries that don’t sell their soil and land, by buying a property in Cyprus, you become the owner of both the building and the land (based on the share of the building, you also become the owner of the premises).

تور تفریحی قبرس شمالی

Gifts Offered by Shezooma Group

    By buying a property in North Cyprus, the following gifts are offered: 

  • Three nights and four days tour to the beautiful Cyprus

  • Buying plane tickets at the expense of Shezooma Investment Group

  • Round-trip airport transfer

  • Free accommodation with full catering (breakfast, lunch, and a special dinner)

  • City tour and visits to villas and apartments with the services of five-star hotels

  • Visiting the historical places and beautiful nature of Cyprus

  • Visiting under-construction projects and villas

  • Offering a free residence in Cyprus for all family members of investors

  • Free tickets for ongoing concerts

  • and several other surprises…

 If you need to get a free consultation about the conditions of buying a property in North Cyprus, please call +05391191180 or +05391185426 right now. You can also fill out the form below, so that we can contact you as soon as possible.

The Satisfaction of Shezooma Investors

Opinions of property buyers in North Cyprus

Mr. Mansouri
(A Construction Manufacturer in Iran, Toronto and Qatar)

Cyprus is very calm, with a unique weather and reasonable prices. It is much better than what I thought. Cyprus is an ideal place for investment and construction

Opinions of property buyers in North Cyprus

(Buyer of a Duplex Villa in North Cyprus)

Northern Cyprus has a unique and excellent climate. I was completely satisfied with the services of the Shezooma team.

Mr. Osmani and Mrs. Ghasemi
(Buyers of Two Apartment Units)

Thank God that we were able to choose the best units with the help of Shezooma. If you are planning to buy a property in North Cyprus, be sure to choose Shezooma.


The country of Cyprus offers you the unique natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and magnificent views of sunrise and sunset.

Shezooma projects include villas and apartments with 1-3 luxury bedrooms, suites, and studios with spectacular views of the mountains and the sea. The apartments have a private yard, balcony, and roof terrace.

If you are not able to buy in cash, you can buy ready-made units in 6-year installment without any interest.

Advantages of the Units Location:

The unites in North Cyprus have advantages such as:

  • Great location in the modern line, close to several basic requirements such as hospital, market, gas station, restaurant, pharmacy, hair salon, shops, and entertainment places
  • Short distance to popular places such as beach clubs
  • The most beautiful beaches
  • Short distance to American and British universities and colleges
  • Having biking track and beach walk

How To Buy a Property in North Cyprus Securely?

The first step in purchasing a property is choosing a real estate agent which is so important that affects the rest of the process. Dealing with a reputable agent saves your time, energy, and money. On the other hand, if you deal with unprofessional realtors, whose only purpose is to make money, you may fall into difficulty. Because they will mostly focus on making the sale rather than managing the process properly.

if you want to buy a property in North Cyprus as a good investment, Shezooma offers a smooth, safely property buying process. Our team consisting of local property experts will guide you throughout the purchasing process in North Cyprus.

Prices of Apartments for Sale in North Cyprus

Here are the average prices of apartments for sale in North Cyprus:
• 1 bedroom apartment £67,600
• 2 bedroom apartment £79,100
• 3 bedroom apartment £91,200
• 3+ bedroom apartment£ 254,600

General Information about North Cyprus

 Cyprus is the most eastern and the third largest island in the Mediterranean region after Sicil and Sardinia. Olive, almond and citrus groves are cultivated in North Cyprus, and the tourists of Cyprus would fall in love with warm weather and guaranteed sunshine throughout the year. Living in North Cyprus is very easy and relaxed. Cypriots are friendly people and the crime rate is considerably low. These and other factors seems to be the most important criteria for home seekers to buy a property in North Cyprus. North Cyprus is an ideal destination for leisure and lovers of ancient monuments. It is a great place to visit castles and churches and is one of the most beautiful places to invest.

Language of Northern Cyprus

Turkish is the predominant language in North Cyprus, however Cypriots have their own dialect which differentiated from mainland Turkey’s language. English is widely spoken and understood in North Cyprus since many Cypriots have lived in England or have  relatives residing there. Education in several schools and universities in North Cyprus is also conducted in English.

Climate and Weather in Northern Cyprus

The Mediterranean climate of North Cyprus is defined with long dry summers and short, sometimes rainy winters. Winter in North Cyprus is very mild and the average annual rainfall is 500 mm. The bathing season in Northern Cyprus begins in April and ends in November.

Currency and Banking System

The official currency of North Cyprus is the New Turkish Lira, however British pounds sterling, U.S dollars, and Euro are widely used. Credit cards are also broadly accepted and can be used in restaurants, shops, petrol stations, etc. The banking system in North Cyprus is well developed and organized. There are both local and international banks in the country. Branches of HSBC bank are located in all major cities of Northern Cyprus.

Is North Cyprus a Good Place?

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean region and is known for its excellent climate, warm people, diverse cultural and natural beauties. There are six districts in the TRNC, which are Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Güzelyurt, İskele, and Lefke. With its green maquis vegetation, Cyprus is the historical and cultural center of the Mediterranean region. It gives the students an ideal environment for education with the ease of life caused by the mild weather characteristics.

How to Buy a House in North Cyprus?

buy prperty in northern cyprus

The procedure of buying a property in North Cyprus is not as complicated as it seems. In fact it is open and simple. Foreign citizens have the right to acquire any desired property in North Cyprus and there are no limitations on buying a villa, apartment, commercial or an investment property. However, in the process of buying a property in North Cyprus, it is important to get familiar with the property laws of North Cyprus as well as getting in contact with a good Lawyer, whose primary interest is to protect your rights as a purchaser of a property. In this case, the entire process of acquiring a property in North Cyprus (from arriving and choosing a real estate to register the contract), does not take too much time and is not too difficult.

By purchasing a property in North Cyprus, you become the rightful owner of the property in Cyprus and you have rights to administer, in any way you wish: rent it, sell it, use it in your will, etc. The most important step is to choose the right property. A property that meets your demands and goals which has documents in accordance to North Cyprus laws, rules and regulations, regardless of what real estate you have chosen.

The first step is to agree on the price and payment terms, fill the reservation form to take the property off the market, and pay the agreed deposit, which is usually not more than £1000-2000. In a preliminary (reservation) treaty, conditions of sale, the price of the object, possible credit and payment plans, … are described.

After preliminary agreement on the price and terms of the property buying, the next step is to choose a lawyer who deals with the contract and verifies all property documents, registration and payment of taxes and necessary fees on your behalf. The power of attorney for the Lawyer you have chosen, gives him the right to continue with the whole process of buying the property on your behalf.

The lawyer verifies property’s documents for their legality, legitimacy, absence of loans, and mortgages. He draws up a contract (that can be made ​​in English, Russian, and or Turkish) between the buyer and seller and presents the contract to the buyer for careful studying, making any amendments or adding additional requirements, if required. After registration of the general power of attorney, it is not essential for the buyer to be in the TRNC and the whole process of signing the contract can occur via the Internet or mail.

After signing a recorded contract in accordance with its terms, the payment of the real estate is made. In most cases, all payments are made ​​through a lawyer. Our North Cyprus real estate agency offers you a number of reputable Lawyers in Northern Cyprus , with which you may consult on the purchase of a property in Cyprus. You can obtain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus after registration of the contract.

Is It Safe to Buy a Property in North Cyprus?

Yes. North Cyprus is safe to buy properties if you do things right. If you want to buy a property in Northern Cyprus smoothly, you should learn the procedures well. You should recognize potential risks and find out how to prevent them.

It is safe to buy a property in North Cyprus in terms of regulations. Properties in North Cyprus are freehold. This means that you have full ownership rights on your real estate. It also means that your family members can inherit your immovables in North Cyprus after your death. In other words, your property ownership rights are under state guarantee in North Cyprus

There can be risks such as late deed registrations in the case of buying an off-plan property. However, you can prevent such risks by dealing with a professional estate agency. A good real estate agent has full knowledge of the properties and developers in her/his service area and also knows their backgrounds. So, a good agent will offer you only the best developers with a good reputation. Dealing with a professional real estate agent may help you to prevent such problems.

You may wonder if North Cyprus is a safe place to live. In fact, it is. The crime rates in North Cyprus are so low and it is one of the safest destinations in the Mediterranean region. If you are looking for a safe area to live with your family, North Cyprus can be the right destination for you.

When buying a property abroad, security is one of the prior criteria for buyers. Buyers are looking for the safest place to buy a house when choosing among several places. Thus,  areas with low risks to buy houses, such as North Cyprus, are always in high demand among buyers. This makes North Cyprus a safely investible place.

Frequently Asked Questions about Immigration and Travel to North Cyprus

Is North Cyprus a Part of Turkey?

North Cyprus is located below Turkey on the map, and is also recognized as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) or KKTC in the Turkish language. The main language spoken in North Cyprus is Turkish, however most people also speak in English.

Why is Northen Cyprus not recognized?

For centuries, Cyprus has been a part of the Ottoman Empire and flew Turkish flags. After agreement with the Turkish sovereign, the British assumed the administrative control of the island in 1878 and subsequently flew the Union Jack there. During World War I, the island was annexed by the British, and other colonial flags were then introduced. For example, a badge with two lions was added to the British Red Ensign. This was supposedly the symbol of King Richard I of England, who became the ruler of Cyprus as part of his involvement in the Crusades in 1191. The local peoples of the island, however, had no attachment to British symbols; the Cypriot Greeks and Turks consider Greek and Turkish national flags as their own.
On August 16, 1960, the Republic of Cyprus was proclaimed, with a national flag of neutral design. On a plain white field it bore the island in yellow silhouette with a green olive wreath (symbolizing peace) beneath. However, this flag is not widely used because the Greek and Turkish communities continued to fly the national flags of their original homelands. In 1974, a Turkish invasion of the island, in the face of possible annexation by Greece, led to the establishment of a puppet state on the northern third of the island. Subsequently proclaiming itself independent (but only recognized by Turkey), the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus adopted a flag of its own based on the Turkish model.

What language is spoken in Northern Cyprus?

Several languages are spoken in North Cyprus. The official languages are Turkish and English, but you will also hear Russian spoken often. English and Russian are spoken mostly because of tourism. 

Turkish in North Cyprus

Most of the population in North Cyprus is Turkish Cypriot and Turkish people from mainland Turkey. Turkish is the first language for almost all of them, but you will bump into a Turkish Cypriot whose first language is English from time to time. Some of them will even speak with a British accent. Cypriot Turkish is the most widely spoken language in North Cyprus. It is a dialect of Turkish that Cypriot Greek has influenced. Many words are similar to those in Modern Standard Turkish, but there are also some loanwords from Greek.

English in North Cyprus

About 19% of the population of North Cyprus speaks in English. It is the second most widely spoken language after Turkish. There are many reasons why English is so widely spoken here. One reason is that North Cyprus was a British colony until 1960. After that, it was under British military rule until 1974. So, many of the older people have learned English during that years. Another reason is that North Cyprus is a popular tourist destination. Many tourists come from the UK, so English is necessary for communication. Most of the hotels and casinos have at least one employee who speaks English well. However, in some places in North Cyprus, you will most likely be surprised to hear people speak in Russian. That said, most locals understand at least a few words in English. North Cyprus is also a popular retirement destination for older British citizens. So, there is a significant population of British expats here.

Russian in North Cyprus

Russian is the third most widely spoken language in North Cyprus; about 12% of the population speaks it. Russian is spoken mainly by Russians who live in North Cyprus and people in the service industry. Turkey is the most prominent tourist destination for Russian speakers, so, it’s not odd that there are many Russian speakers. Russian tourism spilled over to North Cyprus. Other than tourism, many Russians have bought investment and retirement properties in North Cyprus. Some Russians come to North Cyprus to retire, so they may not speak English. In North Cyprus, you will find that many people in the service industry speak some Russian to ease communication with the tourists.

Other Languages in North Cyprus

Some other languages are also spoken in North Cyprus. Scandinavians like Norwegians and Swedish people love Cyprus as a holiday destination. They also purchase investment properties on the island, so don’t be surprised to hear Swedish or Norwegian as you have lunch. The rising student population has seen Cyprus host a wide variety of people from all walks of life. These students are primarily from African and Middle Eastern countries. Thus, from time to time, you will hear some Arabic and African dialects in North Cyprus. Most of the students either speak English or learn Turkish to get employed in the island.

Is Northern Cyprus an expensive country?

North Cyprus is one of the least expensive places in the Mediterranean region to live. North Cyprus is exceptionally inexpensive when compared to living costs in the UK.  Electricity, water and council tax are relatively inexpensive. You will certainly notice the difference in costs with places in the Eurozone such as Spain or France. In North Cyprus, there is a great choice of seasonal items and local products at fresh fruit and vegetable stalls. Cigarettes and alcohol are also cheap in North Cyprus. You can also take a look at  this link from the Expatistan website for the cost of living in North Cyprus.

Is North Cyprus a good place to retire?

 North Cyprus has been one of the best countries to retire in 2022 and 2023

Which months are ideal for a summer holiday in Cyprus?

Just like Turkey, Northern Cyprus is a country with a Mediterranean climate. For this reason, temperatures throughout the country is above a certain level throughout the year. Northern Cyprus is generally more lively and active in the summer months. You prefer the months of May, June, September and October to experience an active summer period and to enjoy the sun and sand at the unique beaches of Cyprus.
In July and August, the average temperature in the country is around 40°C. You can go to Cyprus when the temperature is lower and can attend the concerts of the artists and have a fun time.
Winter months are suitable for relaxing and enjoying the peaceful nature of Cyprus. Contrary to the lively summer months, you can spend a quieter time in Cyprus during the winter.

What is the best currency to take with to Northern Cyprus?

The Republic of Cyprus uses the Euro since 2008. Many goods and services are priced in EUR or GBP, and most shops in tourist areas and major towns will happily accept these currencies. The (unrecognized) Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus uses the Turkish Lira, too. 

Do I need a visa for Northern Cyprus?

Entry to and departure from North Cyprus is done through designated ports and border crossings with a valid passport or a travel document.

Residence permits and visas regulation for North Cyprus, which was forced on 23 October 2019, pursuant to the Article 20 and Chapter 105 of the Immigration and Aliens Law regulates the entry, stay and departure of foreigners.

General Information

For the citizens of the Republic of Turkey traveling to TRNC: A valid passport or identity card is required.

For the citizens of the European Union: A valid EU passport or national identity card is required.

For the third country nationals: A valid passport is required.

The nationals of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Armenia are under obligation to apply in person to a TRNC Representative Office abroad to obtain a visa prior to traveling.

Visa regulations apply to crossings from South Cyprus.

It is recommended to make visa applications at least one month in advance of the intended travel date if possible. Visas for education purposes vary for each country but it may take 2-3 months or longer to process a visa application. It is recommended to have a passport valid for at least 6 months on the date of visa application.

Foreigners are required to have the following items at the port of entry to the TRNC:
– A valid passport
– £85 (Sterling Pounds) or equivalent per day the visitor intends to stay
– Round trip ticket
– Proof of confirmed hotel reservation
– For visiting family, a letter of invitation which provides name, address, phone number and other contact information in full
–  An official acceptance letter from the university if traveling for higher education,
– An official letter of invitation from a company in the TRNC If traveling on a business trip

The Satisfaction of Shezooma Investors

Dr. Fakhrabadi
(an Investor in North Cyprus)

One of our biggest goals in 2022 was buying a property abroad and emigrating. It was achieved with the help of the Shezooma Investment Working Group.

Mrs. Saadatmandi and Her Daughters
(pre-purchased Two Apartment Units)

Do not hesitate to buy a property in North Cyprus. Be sure to participate in Shezooma’s Cyprus tour and make your investment with confidence.

Mr. Eshraghinia
(an Investor in North Cyprus)

I liked to see Cyprus closely and then invest. I feel like a winner with my purchase.

Who is Mohammad Reza Shayegan?

محمد رضا شایگان

The founder of Shezooma Group in North Cyprus.
The creator of the Shezooma teaching method, which means reverse engineering of learning.
He has a Ph.D. in business management.
He has an international certificate approved by Ibn Sina International College of Georgia.
The official and approved member of the Asian elite of the World Organization of Professional Lecturers and Speakers.
The legal advisor for more than two decades (since 1999).
An expert in discovering investment opportunities with high profits in real estate.
Presenter of the annual conference of top real estate investors.
Presenter at more than one hundred prominent conferences.
Advisor to more than 4,900 investors such as Ati Saz, Hammet Building Development (Farzangan and Lexon), Hekmat Tavana Real Estate (Home Office Bismuth), and Parsia Towers, Parliament Towers, Parsian Complex, Berlian, Pearl Towers and luxury apartments Caesar, Safir, Riverside, Cyprus Construction and…

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