Where is Northern Cyprus?

قبرس شمالی

A Comprehensive Introduction of Cyprus

If you have not travelled to Cyprus, you probably ask where the Northern Cyprus is? Northern Cyprus is recognized as one of the most beautiful countries in the world which has attracted many people in recent years and several people go to this country for living or studying. You may have decided to have a short trip to Northern Cyprus with the aim of migrating to this country with your family if you ensure about culture and life conditions in this country. Or you may have decided to develop your job conditions in this country. However, it is important for you to know that where Northern Cyprus is geographically located and what geographical, cultural, economic, and social characteristics has got. You see the geographical location of Northern Cyprus on the map as follows:

Where is Northern Cyprus?

the existence of some other factors such as growing economy, high social safety, fantastic climates, inexpensive living costs, low tax, low cost of real estates, and, …have made many people come to this country from all over the world for living and investment. You see the flag of Northern Cyprus in this figure.

flag of Northern Cyprus

Stay with us to give you a comprehensive information about Northern Cyprus.

The History of Cyprus

In order to get more familiar with the Northern Cyprus, we must know the Cyprus country at first. This country, which is an island at east of Mediterranean and is the third largest island of the world, is divided into Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus. Those who are inhabitants of Northern Cyprus speak in Turkish and this area is under dominance and control of republic of Turkey. However, people of Sothern Cyprus are Greek and people speak in Greek. Therefore, as you have noticed, Turkish and Greek are the main languages of the Cyprus country. This country has experienced many events within the years. For example, different empires such as Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, Arabians, and British have attacked to this country because Cyprus has great conditions for living and this has made various countries and empires think to occupy the Cyprus country.

It Is Certainly Interesting for You if We Say the Appellation of Cyprus

This country has big copper mines and as copper is named kypros in Greek, this word has changed with time and now we know this country as Cyprus. It is necessary to say that Cyprus has also the name of paradise meaning heaven in the past since this region is so beautiful like heaven.

North Cyprus country, which is recognized as the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, has announced its independence at 1983 and now it is considered as an independent country in the world. The capital city of Cyprus is Nicosia which is the largest city of Northern Cyprus. Cyprus like other countries is divided into various provinces and cities.

The Most Important Cities of Northern Cyprus

Cities of Northern Cyprus

Certainly, for those who go to Cyprus with the purpose of trip, life, work, or education, getting familiar with cities of Northern Cyprus is of great importance. Three important cities in Northern Cyprus includes:


Generally, Nicosia is the largest city of Cyprus, since one part of which is in Northern Cyprus and the other part is in Southern Cyprus. Therefore, both countries of Northern and Southern Cyprus have agreed that Cyprus citizens commute to this city without difficulty with no permission.

2- Famagusta

One of the prettiest and largest cities of Northern Cyprus is the Famagusta city. If you refer to the article: “the introduction of the best cities of Northern Cyprus”, you would get familiar with the monuments and ancient buildings of this city. However, generally, if you want to have a memorable trip, we suggest you to visit Famagusta. There are several beautiful golden beaches in this city which every traveler should visit at least once.

north Cyprus cities

3- Girne City

Girne city is one of the biggest and the most crowded cities of Northern Cyprus. In fact, Girne may be introduced as the most important tourist city of Northern Cyprus. There are several historical places and fantastic sceneries in this city which have made Girne to be recognized as the jewel of Northern Cyprus.

Yeni İskele, Güzelyurt, North Nicosia, Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Lapta, and Lefke, are the names of important cities and regions of Northern Cyprus. For more information, please study the article “Best Cities of Northern Cyprus”

Area, Population Density, and Climate of Northern Cyprus

What is the area of Northern Cyprus? Northern Cyprus has an area of 3355 square kilometers (1295 sq miles) and owns about 2.7 percent of open waters. If we want to investigate population density in this area, we should say that in this country, there is 86 people per square kilometers.

Climate of Northern Cyprus

Cyprus island is geographically located at Northeast of the Mediterranean Sea. For this reason, it has an ideal, mild, and Mediterranean weather. It is necessary to know that the climate in Northern Cyprus is much better than in Sothern Cyprus and for this reason, the agricultural conditions in this country is more appropriate in comparison with Greek Cyprus or Southern Cyprus.

Average temperature in different months of the year

Weather in Northern Cyprus

Great and fantastic weather in Northern Cyprus

Sunny days in Northern Cyprus

The approximate population of Northern Cyprus till July of 2022, based on the latest data is 384000 people. For more information on Northern Cyprus, you can consult with Shezooma experts free of charge.

If you have any question about Northern Cyprus, please ask in the form below.

Language, Religion and Customs of People in Cyprus

As the Cyprus country is recognized by Turkey’s government, most of people who live there speak in Turkish. Therefore, in North Cyprus the Turkish is known as the main language. However, this does not mean that you can speak just in Turkish in this country. Other languages such as Greek, English, and Roman are also spoken in Cyprus. If you want to go to the Cyprus for studying, you should not worry about that since some universities teach in three languages of Greek, Turkish, and English simultaneously and some others teach just in Turkish and English. Therefore, you would not have any limitations for your social relations, living in Cyprus, education, and doing your work affairs.

Regarding the religion of people in North Cyprus, we must promise that in this country, there is no limitation and compulsion for religion, generally. More than 90 percent of people in Northern Cyprus are Muslim, however, if you enter this country, you would observe several churches. This indicates that Christians live in this country too. Besides, temples of other religions like Jewish religion are even seen in the Cyprus country. Generally, there is social and religious freedom in Cyprus and you would not be under any compulsion in this country.

north Cyprus language

One of the most important subjects that we must talk about regarding Cyprus, is the culture and customs in Northern Cyprus. For someone who is going to live in another country, cultural proximity between the destination country and his/her birth place is of great importance.

It should be noted that people in Northern Cyprus have intense prejudice on their history and culture, but it does not mean that they do not welcome the cultures of other countries. In fact, they like the ceremonies of other countries to be held in their country and they even hold exhibitions about cultures and costumes of other nationalities in Northern Cyprus.

In this country at specific dates, festivals and ancient celebrations are held in which people put on costumes and do their traditional dance and try to keep ancient ceremonies alive and transfer them to the next generation.

As we mentioned before, there are religious and social freedom in Northern Cyprus and you would not have any limitation in this regard.

Northern Cyprus families respect their parents and appreciate them too much.

People in Northern Cyprus use madonna lily in their mourning ceremonies.

An important point is that the people of Northern Cyprus like to be happy all the times and for this reason in all over the city, whenever you see national citizens or foreigners, they would smile at you. They believe that in the past, the goddess of love has been present in this country and has invited people to be happy and adore each other.

Furthermore, the people of Northern Cyprus, observe traffic rules carefully, so the number of traffic lights is limited in this country.

Another factor that you must consider is about advisement of people in Northern Cyprus. As they hate being advised in a group, if you do so, you may ruin your friendship.

The people of Northern Cyprus pay too much attention to sanitation. Therefore, when you walk in the cities of Northern Cyprus, you observe very clean and beautiful streets.

Economic Status of Northern Cyprus

One of the most important factors that emigrants to Northern Cyprus should consider is the economic status of this country. Fortunately, in recent years, several notable developments have happened and the economic growth was remarkable. As this country is recognized as a beautiful region in the world and it has several fantastic tourist cities, tourism industry is the most important industry that help the growth and development of Northern Cyprus. Those who want to start a business in this country should take the advantages of this opportunity and use this tourism industry to increase their income. For instance, if you buy some properties in Northern Cyprus and rent them to the tourists, you will actually earn a huge profit.

Economic of Northern Cyprus

In Northern Cyprus, skill jobs such as accounting, cooking, painting, repairing, hair dressing, and even engineering affairs are greatly popular and you earn a high income through these jobs. The official currency in Northern Cyprus is the Turkish lira. It is interesting to know that British pound is also used especially for great deals such as big electronic appliances, automobiles, and estates. Therefore, this is the best opportunity for those who want to invest in this country through buying a property. British pound has the least fluctuations due to inflation and you won’t lose money regarding that.

Weather Conditions in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is also recognized as the paradise. The mild and Mediterranean climate which is known as the best weather in the world, exist in Northern Cyprus. So, you can walk alongside the beach without being annoyed by a sultry air. Although most of the days in Northern Cyprus is sunny, it does not mean that this sunshine is burning. Since the weather is mild and Mediterranean, its warmness is desirable and does not burn your skin.

Weather Northern Cyprus

However, in summer the temperature would be a little higher, but except this season, you would have an excellent feeling in the other days of the year. Green mountains and plains which are fully covered with flowers in spring and summer has increased the prettiness of this area. In addition, during winter you should not be worried about a horrible coldness. Although in this season it snows but there are not any terrible glacial conditions. Besides, there is not hot and burning sunshine in summer too. This means that we can have an ideal life in a region with a fantastic climate.

Social Regulations in Northern Cyprus

An interesting point is that Northern Cyprus has performed social regulations of the England Country. Therefore, the best conditions for life are provided because in England, all people have the same social rights and sexuality does not limit anyone. For this reason, you see a high level of social freedom in the Northern Cyprus country. On the other hand, a similar law has been made in work affairs too. It means that all people who are working in government or private offices believe very well that when doing working affairs, people’s rights should not be ignored. Since according to the rules, the people’s rights are the same and apart from sexuality, the level of education, health, and income, the best services should be considered for all people.

Transportation Conditions in Northern Cyprus

Since Cyprus is recognized in the world as a country with low population and a great weather conditions, many people like to enter Cyprus to develop their job in this country or to live there with their family. However, transportation conditions should be also considered since you must know that how you can go from your home to your workplace. Some people may have no automobile and should use public transportation.

Transportation Northern Cyprus

At first, it is necessary to know that fortunately there is no traffic jam in cities of Northern Cyprus and public transportation is not crowded. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. There are several taxies in the city. Besides, if you are going to travel from a city to another one, there is this possibility to use water paths by boats. However, sometimes there is no way except these paths for you. For instance, you may want to trip between two cities which is possible just through water paths. It should be mentioned that if you travel to Northern Cyprus for life or education, be sure to choose your life place in a region which has the least distance to your university or work place. So, you would not get into trouble by transportation.

We suggest that if you are traveling to Northern Cyprus, use a bicycle for commute in the city. Because tourists go to this country in spring or autumn and these two seasons are beautiful and gorgeous. In additions, the weather in Northern Cyprus in these two seasons is great. So, it is better to use bicycle instead of bus, taxi, or rental car to enjoy the sceneries and great weather.

Investment in Northern Cyprus

You may have decided to do a long-term and beneficial investment in Northern Cyprus. A huge number of tourists travel to this country annually to spend memorable times in a gorgeous and green place with attractive historical places. So, you can make use of this opportunity for investment in Cyprus. There are several ways for this purpose. For instance, you can extend your job into the Cyprus. However, one of the best ways for investment in this country is buying a property. As Northern Cyprus has not joined European Union yet, it welcomes foreigners intensely to increase its population.

Investment in Northern Cyprus

Considering what has mentioned, presently, the price of estates in Northern Cyprus is lower than Southern Cyprus. It is interesting to know that since this country is developing and tourism is recognized as a growing industry, the price of estates has a remarkable growth every year. Therefore, if you are going to sell your property after two years, its value is about 5 times higher. On the other hand, you can rent your villa to passengers in the tourist seasons and obtain a high profit. Investment through buying a property in Northern Cyprus is a beneficial investment.

Education in Northern Cyprus

The families who decide to live in Northern Cyprus should think about their children’s educations. Or you may be a student intending to do your academic education in a foreign country. In each case, it is important that the quality of schools and universities of Northern Cyprus be as high as global standards to make you sure about your children scientific knowledge and their future job. For education in Northern Cyprus, we should say that if your child has chosen public schools for education, there is no need to pay for it. Except the expense of school uniform, all expenses even the school transportation service is free. But if your child wants to educate in private schools, you must definitely pay the expenses determined by the school.

Education in Northern Cyprus

About education conditions in universities, it is necessary to know that some of the best universities of the world are in Cyprus and managed by qualified faculty members. In these universities, Courses are also taught in English for students. So, you won’t have problem about language. If you are weak in this field, English learning courses would be tough for you in the university for one to two semesters. So, you can easily communicate with people in the city after you pass these courses.

Besides, if you take undergraduate classes in the best universities of Cyprus, assure that you can go to European or American countries for postgraduate education.

Traffic Rules in Northern Cyprus

In this country, international traffic rules have been determined. You must know that driving is on the left. In another word, the cars which are designed in Cyprus have steering wheel on the right and so if you enter this country, it is better to learn lessons in driving schools to avoid problems or even accidents during driving.

Traffic Rules in Northern Cyprus

It is necessary to mention that if you translate your driving license into English, you can use it in Cyprus for 3 months and then according to this country’s law, you should apply to get the license. However, if you have an international license, as this country is based on the European union laws, you can use your international license for one year. The people of Northern Cyprus intensely respect the rules and for this reason there is a few chaos in driving and the number of traffic lights is limited. If a pedestrian is crossing the street, the drivers feel responsible to stop wherever they are and let him/her cross the street.

The Level of safety

Even if you want to take a trip to Northern Cyprus, safety is an important factor for sure. You like to enter somewhere to enjoy your trip with no danger on annoyance. Now, imagine that you intend to choose this country for life and education. Obviously, the security of Northern Cyprus would be more significant. In this regard, to talk in short, we have to say that the safety in Cyprus is so high which has made this country as the first five countries of the world in the domain of social safety and security such that if you lose your wallet in the city, nothing would be stollen. Furthermore, since a high social security is considered for each person, there is no threat to women with any clothing. Besides, you would not be worried when your daughter or wife walk in the streets or at the beach and nothing would threaten them. This high level of security caused several tourists to travel to this country every year.

Working in Northern Cyprus

Those who enter this country as foreigner, should get work permit from the ministry of labor. For this reason, it is necessary for you to be in contact with an employer from the Cyprus country. The employer should send a letter to the ministry of labor in Cyprus and emphasize that since he could not find his required employees among Cyprus citizens, he needs foreigners. Then, you can start your activity in this country after sending the certificates.

Working in Northern Cyprus

Pay attention that in this country skill jobs such as hair dressing, cooking, architecture, painting, repairing cars, electrical appliances, … are more favorable. If you have skills in these fields, you without doubt, can provide good working conditions for yourself and your family and earn a high income. It is necessary to mention that fortunately the living cost in Northern Cyprus is too low, so you would not have too much limitations in this regard.

Health and Sanitation

In this country there exist many public hospitals and private clinics. Since the population of Northern Cyprus is not high yet, hospitals and clinics can support all national and foreigner patients very well. If you have a health card, treatment expenses would decrease considerably. Foreigners should present their personal information and the residence address in Northern Cyprus to a medical center in this country for issuing a health card for them.

If you want to migrate to this country as a treatment staff, we should say that great job and income conditions are waiting for you especially that in this country a higher income is considered for women and excellent benefits and rewards are dedicated to treatment staffs. Of course, you should consider all aspects before migration to Northern Cyprus. It is essential to send your scientific certificates to hospitals and medical centers. In this case, these certificates would be noticed for the calculation of your salaries, benefits, and rewards.

Conditions for Buying a House in Northern Cyprus

Maybe you that are studying this article want to buy a house in Northern Cyprus to have a place for life at trip times or you may want to continue your job or education in this country. Buying a property in Northern Cyprus is supposed to be an ideal investment. In fact, when customers come to Shezooma Academy to investigate about the future of buying a property in Northern Cyprus, we explain for them how this investment is beneficial for them and how much profit they will obtain within two years. However, it is required to have a comprehensive information in this regard. We suggest you to study this text to get familiar with conditions of buying a property and types of property in Northern Cyprus.

Different Types of Ownership Deed in Northern Cyprus

When you want to buy a property in a foreign country, you definitely need a group to guide you and present you some explanations about types of property, the prices, and even the future of such investment. Assume that you are thinking to buy a house in Cyprus. Do you know that what types of ownership deed exist in this country and how much their validity is? We suggest you to read this article since it explains types of a property deed in Northern Cyprus:

Turkish Deed

Since Cyprus is under control of republic of Turkey and has not joined to European Unity yet, Turkish deed is recognized as one of the most valid deeds in this country and the full ownership of the property is given to you. This deed is at the disposal of Cyprus citizens. So, if you buy a property from one of this country’s citizen, Turkish deed would be given to you.

Foreign Deed

If you study the history of Cyprus country, you notice that it has experienced many wars because of its excellent geographical location. European countries have been always trying to dominate Cyprus and for this reason, European people have already lived in this country and some deeds have been issued for them. Foreign deeds like Turkish ones have a great validity and if you can buy a property with this type of deed, there would not be any problem about its validity.

Exchange Deed

As you know, the Cyprus country was previously integrated but now it is divided into Northern and Southern parts. Therefore, there may be some people who live in Northern Cyprus but their property is in Southern Cyprus and vice versa. In these cases, he must exchange his property. It means that if a citizen lives in Northern Cyprus but his property is in Southern Cyprus, he should exchange this property with another one in Northern Cyprus. This has caused exchange deeds to be issued which have a high validity.

Pending Deed

The least valid deed in Northern Cyprus is pending deed. Since it indicates that this property has not a specified status. So, when you want to buy a property in Cyprus, be sure that the deed is not as this kind since you will experience many legal problems to transfer this property and you may fall in trouble.

Types of Estate in Northern Cyprus

Now that we have discussed different types of ownership deed with each other, it is better to have a look at different types of estate in Northern Cyprus. If you think to buy a house, there are several choices for you. Apartment unit, villa, pent house, or even suite apartments are some properties existing in Northern Cyprus. If you come to Shezooma Academy to consult with our team, you see a good variety in our construction projects which are performed by capable experts and engineers in Northern Cyprus.

Types of Estate in Northern Cyprus

When you want to buy a property, you should pay attention to your budget. On the other hand, you should determine your purpose before purchasing. For example, if you want to travel to Northern Cyprus occasionally to do your work affairs or you are thinking to buy a property for your children for education, surely apartment unit is a more appropriate choice. Because you are sure that if your apartment is closed for a few months, nothing would threaten your wealth. The security in Northern Cyprus is so high such that this country is recognized as the five safest countries in the world. Even if you have a villa or penthouse and you do not enter it for a few months, there is not any concern about theft. However, keeping villa and penthouse makes trouble and it is necessary to do their works at least once a month. If you think that you can’t manage a villa or a penthouse, it is better to buy an apartment or a suite.

Furthermore, you must consider the number of your family members when you want to choose a house. Construction projects which are managed by Shezooma group have different sizes and you can buy a house with an appropriate area considering the number of your family members. Geographical location results in the variety of properties in Northern Cyprus too. For example, you may enter an apartment with a high brightness while in another region you do not see such a thing. So, what kind of house you should choose depends on your taste and request. The presence of natural brightness in the house would affect your mental conditions too.

You must also consider the facilities of residential complexes when you investigate types of properties in Northern Cyprus. Be sure to survey about the facilities which are considered for the complex or its surrounding. In Shezooma Academy, we manage projects that you can have even the playing equipment for your children in the complex area with no need to go out of your building.

Steps of Buying a Property in Northern Cyprus

Buying a Property in Northern Cyprus

1-consultation and getting information from Shezooma experts

2- choosing a unit with the help of Shezooma experts

3- making a reservation in the Shezooma office in Tehran (having property acquisition license by Dr Shayegan)

4-buying the airplane ticket by Shezooma Academy

5-a 3-night and 4-day travelling tour paid by Shezooma group

6- registration of purchase contract at the construction company with the presence of Dr. Shayegan

7- changing the unit if required by going to the Shezooma office in Cyprus

8-cancelling the stamp and getting the deed in deeds authentication & registration office in Cyprus

9- getting the free residency of Northern Cyprus by Shezooma

10- Advanced investment course

For those who think about investment through buying a property in Northern Cyprus, the process of purchasing is very important. There is no difference whether you want to have a beneficial investment or want to have a property for residence or recreation at your trip time. However, it is necessary to do the following steps.

Consultation Meeting with Sales Experts

In the first step, you should refer to your intended real estate consultant and talk with sales experts. It is necessary to explain all your requests for the experts then they can guide you for buying a property in Cyprus. In Shezooma Academy, consultation meeting is held completely free under the supervision of experts and efficient engineers. You must refer to someone who can do the best analyses based on your demands and suggest you an ideal choice. Besides, you must tell your budget to sales experts since this factor has a determining role on the selection of an ideal property. Our sales experts in Shezooma Academy would be at your service. For developments of working process and better management of construction projects, it has founded a branch in Northern Cyprus to keep in touch with this country.

Investigation of Types of Property in Northern Cyprus

In the second step, sales experts introduce you types of property in Northern Cyprus based on your budget and demands. Experts and engineers in Shezooma group introduce you all properties which are near to your demand. Besides, the conditions of all these properties are comprehensively explained. Fortunately, the possibility of installment purchase is provided in Shezooma Academy. So, at the introduction of types of property in Northern Cyprus, the conditions for paying expenses are also explained.

Investigating the Ownership Deed in Northern Cyprus

In the third step, you should assure that the suggested property has not legal problems. So, take all deeds and certificates from sales experts. In Shezooma Academy, a copy of all deeds is given to you to show any attorney that you want to make sure that estates and construction projects have not any legal problems and they would not make trouble for you.

Investigating the Property Online or in Person

Unfortunately, some people do purchase without vising the house they have chosen in person. At this time, scammers abuse their trust and may sell them a property which does not really exist or may belong to several persons. Shezooma Academy has considered a plan to increase your trust. If a customer wants to purchase a property, we plan a trip to Cyprus for him to visit the construction project in person and get familiar with the weather and social conditions of Northern Cyprus. After you returned if you definitely do your purchase, all the trip expenses would be free of charge for you.

Signing the Contract

The most important step in buying a property in Northern Cyprus is making a contract. You have right to be worried of this step especially if the expenses are supposed to be paid in installments and the building will be delivered to you after one to two years. In such conditions, the anxiety of customers increases since they worry that this property is sold to two or more persons. Shezooma Academy ask you to hire an expert attorney to study all the contract clauses and assure that there is no problem about it.

Paying the Expenses

After contract, paying the expenses will begin. If payment is through installments, you must pay the installments exactly at the specified time. If the buyer or seller ignore obligations, he must pay financial loss according to one of the contract clauses.

Transferring the Ownership Deed

After you purchase the property, the ownership should be transferred to you. Shezooma Academy performs all the steps for this purpose. Not to be obliged to travel to Northern Cyprus in person, in Shezooma real estate consultation there are some attorneys that do all legal steps and the customer can easily receive his property deed in Iran.

Northern Cyprus Passport

Northern Cyprus passport is among the relatively valid passport with which you can travel to 122 countries of the world without visa. Considering the appropriate price of estates in Cyprus, the most common way to receive its passport is buying a property. However; it is possible to get the passport by other methods such as marriage, education, refuge, and ….

If you have any question about Northern Cyprus, please ask in the form below.

Buying a property in Cyprus is a beneficial investment with a great future. We can definitely say that if you buy a property in Northern Cyprus a 5-times higher profit would be yours. If you can have a house for yourself, you can even rent it at tourist season to earn more profit by this way. But refer to a reliable and recognized real estate not to lose your capital.

We hope that by studying this article, you understand where Northern Cyprus is and what advantages and disadvantages it has. Have you ever traveled to Northern Cyprus? What is your opinion about Cyprus? It is enough to share your views with us and other users in the comments.

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