The Best Cities of Northern Cyprus for Life

Best places to live in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is recognized as one of the most interesting, beautiful, and safest countries in the world which has been chosen for life within the last years. Surely, for those who want to live in this country, getting familiar with the best regions and cities of Northern Cyprus is very important. Northern Cyprus in all regions has a great climate, social safety, and life conditions. In this article, we would introduce the best cities in Northern Cyprus.

Get Familiar with the Best Cities in Northern Cyprus

Almost all customers who come to Shezooma Academy to buy a property in Northern Cyprus, ask about the best cities of Northern Cyprus. There is no difference whether the customers want to live in this country or they want to do an investment. A good location has always a great importance, anyway. The best cities in Northern Cyprus are introduced as follows:

Girne or Kyrenia City

where is Kyrenia north Cyprus

The Kyrenia city, which is named Girne in Turkish, is known as the cultural and economic center of the Northern Cyprus. This city is very appropriate for university’s students, tourists and travelers who are looking for a life in a fantastic, beautiful, and calm place. Kyrenia which is a coastal city, is equipped with luxurious hotels, several green spaces, a historical castle, and a small port like horseshoe. According to the latest statistics, the population of this city is about 26700 people.

All these beauties have made the Girne city be one of the tourist attractiveness in Northern Cyprus and for this reason, too many travelers come to this city each year. There is an old church in Kyrenia which many people visit every Sunday. There are several welfare facilities such as urban services, shops, banks, cafes, and restaurants in Kyrenia. Furthermore, there are very beautiful small villages in the Girne city. If you are looking for a more calmness, we suggest you to choose this city. (This city may be the best city of the Northern Cyprus; however, we suggest you to consult with Shezooma experts freely to help you choose the best houses.)

Nicosia (Lefkosa) City

capital city of north Cyprus

Nicosia is the capital city of Northern Cyrus. It is interesting to know that you don’t access to the beach in this city, it means that if you want to live in a coastal region, Nicosia would not be a good choice for you. Since the tourist population is less in Nicosia, this city is a more appropriate choice for those who are looking for calmness in a region with less chaos. One of the advantages of living in Nicosia is that the price of many service industries such as markets, restaurants and coffee shops do not change considerably within the year. Therefore, you would not be affected by the cost of living.

If you go to this city, you will see a trace of middle ages in its architecture style. Many restaurants and shops have this style too. In Nicosia, there exist a variety of religions, faiths, and nationalities and it may be considered as a city of a thousand colors. Usually, the students who come to Northern Cyprus, choose Nicosia as their city. For this reason, Nicosia in known as a student city. However, consider that Nicosia is recognized as the warmest area among all regions and cities of the Northern Cyprus and that is the disadvantage of this city. Imagine that you are going to spend the summer in Nicosia, it would be very intolerable.

Famagusta City

turkish cyprus cities

Among the cities of Northern Cyprus, the most crowded and the biggest city is Famagusta (based on the latest statistics, the population of this city is over 42500 people). If you choose Nicosia for life, in fact you are 55 km from Famagusta. It is interesting to know that what has made Famagusta as one of the best cities of the Northern Cyprus especially in terms of tourism, is the combination of the traditional and modern texture used in this city. This has increased the attractiveness of this city. A deep-water port in Famagusta has provided the facilities for huge ships cross in the region. The beaches around the Famagusta are very beautiful and fantastic. Therefore, a recreational and tourism possibility is provided for you. You should travel to this city to see that the beaches of this district are so gorgeous and a fantastic scenery is brought to you especially at night.

Lefke City

towns in northern cyprus

The attractiveness of Lefke is the combination of coastline and wide mountains along with citrus groves which has created a spectacular scenery. In this region, three dams have been built which supply agricultural and drinking water. Another tourist attraction of Lefke is the Ataturk Park located at the city center in which cookery competitions are held annually.

The introduction of the most important cities of Cyprus is finished. We suggest you to visit the Cyprus Cities list for more information.

The Best Regions of Northern Cyprus for Life and Investment

Now that you have got familiar with the best cities of Northern Cyprus for life, you should know that in each city, which regions are more appropriate choices for life. Each city contains several districts and choosing a suitable one has surely a great impact on the quality of your investment and life in Northern Cyprus. The best zones are introduced as follows:

Long Beach Resort

In Northern Cyprus, Long Beach resort is known as one of the best regions for buying a property in Northern Cyprus and is so fantastic. It is interesting to know that the American Forbes Magazine introduced the Long Beach among the top best places to buy estate in 2021. It means that if you are going to invest in Northern Cyprus through buying a property, Long Beach is the best region for sure.

The beautiful nature and the high level of security in Northern Cyprus is evident very well in this city.

If you need to get a free consultation for investing in this region, please call the numbers +05391191180 and +05391185426 right now. If the lines are busy, or you are visiting the website outside office hours, please fill out the form below. Our experts would contact you as soon as possible.

Long Beach Resort is a costal and tourism region which is located 12 km from Famagusta city and driving for 45 minutes is enough to reach Girne. Furthermore, if you want to have access to the international airport, it should be noted that this region is located 35 km from the Ercan International Airport. Long Beach Resort is very exciting for recreation and having fun.

Bike paths, playgrounds for kids, walking paths, sun bathing, sea shuttles, water skiing, boating, jet skiing, and … are among the best recreations that exist in this region. If you want to buy an apartment unit or a villa in an attractive developing area with a great location, we suggest you the Long Beach Resort.

Esentepe Beach

Esentepe Beach

For those who are interested in living in coastal areas, we suggest the Esentepe Beach. You can walk in a beautiful scenery for hours and enjoy such a wonderful climate. Besides, there are several golf courses to which you can go and have fun. Those who can buy an apartment unit or a villa in Esentepe beach, would certainly experience a dream life. When you get up in the mornings, you can see the sunrise from the windows of your apartment or villa which its beauty is mixed with Mediterranean Sea gifting a wonderful view to you.

Surely, such a scenery and place are interesting for all people and for this reason buying a property in this region would bring a huge amount of profit to you. It should be mentioned that Shezooma Academy has several construction projects in this region too.

Alsancak Region

Alsancak Region

Alsancak is one of the best regions in Northern Cyprus which is known as one of the biggest commercial and economic centers of the Northern Cyprus. The existence of modern shops, various apartments with special designs, beautiful residence as well as the variety of restaurants, cafes and bars have made Alsancak be attractive. For this reason, many tourists choose this city for travelling each year. It is interesting to know that there are several old buildings in this town which indicates the trace of history in Alsancak districts very well. Alsancak is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities of Northern Cyprus and is certainly one of the best choices for living in this country.

Which Cities of Northern Cyprus Can We Choose for Life?

northern Cyprus cities

In this article, we introduced the best cities and regions in Northern Cyprus to you to know which ones have great characteristics when you travel to this country or choose one of these cities for living. Shezooma Academy has started to build many construction projects including villas, penthouses, and apartment buildings in all these cities and regions and whenever you come to Shezooma Academy to buy a property in Northern Cyprus, you face with a variety of buildings in different cities of Northern Cyprus. Now, this question is raised that which one of these cities and regions are most appropriate for living? To answer this question, you should consider some factors.

People’s conditions are different with each other. Our selling experts in Shezooma Academy will introduce you the best city and buildings in Northern Cyprus after talking to you. For instance, you should determine your purpose of purchasing a property in Northern Cyprus. Do you want to buy a villa or an apartment in this country and sell it after two years to make a huge profit or you want to have a private place for your trips or your life in this country? If your purpose is just investment, you should surely choose a city which makes you a huge profit at selling time due to the commute of travelers and passengers to this city and its great facilities.

You may have decided to live in your home in Northern Cyprus. In this case, you must consider some other factors:

  • For example, if you want to study in this country, the proximity of your home to the university becomes important. (Please see the article “|The Best Universities of Northern Cyprus”.)
  • Are you and your family interested in crowded places or you like to live in a calm and beautiful environment? This factor also influences choosing the best city for life.
  • Besides, you must consider the distance between your home and workplace. As you know, the commute in Northern Cyprus may have a few limitations. For instance, in some cities, the traffic is possible just by boats or ships. You must consider the distance between your home and workplace to find out that if you can reach your workplace in a few minutes or you must leave home a few hours earlier to catch the first boat to your workplace.


According to this article, choosing the best city for living among multiple cities of Northern Cyprus is different for different people. For this reason, you can consult Shezooma experts freely to guide you based on your life conditions. (If you want to buy a property with the purpose of investing, we suggest you the Long Beach Resort and introduce the best villas and apartment units of this region to you.)

Shezooma experts feel responsible to consider all demands and conditions of the customers and accordingly they suggest them the best cities and locations of Northern Cyprus. We also provide a tour to Northern Cyprus for customers to observe the different cities of Cyprus, life conditions, residential units, and job conditions closely. For more information about Shezooma group, click on “Northern Cyprus Real Estate Group”.

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